Things that make my heart sing by Melissa Hemsley

Hello and welcome to my new space here on Substack! From now on this is where you will find almost all of my writing. I've been thinking a lot about stories and community recently and how sometimes, in all the noise, there isn’t a place where we can just be. I want THIS to be that place. Every week I'm going to write to you and I hope, in return, you'll write back. Does that sound good? I hope so. 

In this newsletter, Things that make my heart sing, I share the things that bring me comfort and joy, including recipes, books, conversations, recommendations and playlists. Along with my lovely community of subscribers, I explore food, mental health, sustainability, seasonality and lots more.

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How it works

In addition to the free content I share, each month paying subscribers receive the following exclusive content:

  • One brand new recipe - as always with me, inspired by cooking with the seasons and based on low waste, energy efficiency and affordable everyday meals

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    - recommendations (restaurants, food, travel, reading)
    - kitchen playlists
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    - deep dives into my home (bathroom cabinets, tried and tested products, sustainable swaps etc), let’s get nosy!
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    - Q&As with me (ask me anything!)
    - conversations with people I love that I know you’ll be excited to hear from too

About me

I’m a former private chef turned food columnist, best-selling cookbook author, real food activist and sustainability champion who is passionate about spreading the power of feel-good food.

I have written five cookbooks, including Eat Green, Eat Happy and my latest book Feel Good with 100 quick and easy recipes to bring a bit of comfort and joy into our kitchens and beyond. In addition to my cookbooks, I have written recipe and sustainability columns for The Telegraph and Vogue, respectively.

I’m proud to be an ambassador of Fairtrade UK, volunteer for The Felix Project, judge of GQ Food & Drinks Awards and Soil Association (Best of Organic awards), the Guild of Fine Foods and YBFs (Young British Foodies) and host of the 2019 Sustainable Restaurant Association awards and the 2020 Veg Summit Awards (The Food Foundation).

I’m expecting a baby this summer and will be sharing my fertility and pregnancy journey here on my Substack newsletter.

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A journal of comfort & joy by best-selling cookbook author, sustainability champion and mental health ambassador, Melissa Hemsley


Feel Good chef, food writer and sustainability champion. Five-time cookbook author passionate about spreading the power of feel good food. Proud ambassador of Fairtrade UK and The Felix Project.